Editorial, ECAL
Year: 2017; Street newspaper, issue 0. The content of the newspaper is created by homeless people. In collaboration with Sasha Marshani.
GGK '1958-70. The Bauhaus Business
Book, Editorial
Year: 2017; A story of an advertising agency GGK (Gerstner, Gredinger and Kutter);
New lettering as a result of workshop with Radim Peško
Year: 2016
I now believe in Signs
Poster A0; Year: 2015;
AMS archive: 2009-14
Book, Editorial, Print
Year: 2015; Media: Book; Format: A5; Open binding, 96 pages. An analog archive of the AMS tumblr, containing all the guest mixes and the moodboard, seeking for childhood dreams, russian identity, nostalgia, and music-related imagery.
Excavate. Vom Herausgraben und Zusammentragen von Dingen
Book, Editorial, Print, Photography
Year: 2012; 18 x 25 cm, 175 pages. Excavate is a book project exploring the phenomena of collecting. Interviews with Günter Höhne (GDR design expert), Simon Menner (artist), Thomas Olbricht (art collector), Stephan Steigleder (vinyl collector), etc.
Book. Format: SRA3, spiral binding. Teachers: Marie Lusa, Bruno Ceschel
Year: 2015; A project about the food photography. The goal was to extract image fragments (at 4800dpi) from the food magazine (single source, MMM refers to it's logo) in a way that would emphasize the visual language of the food advertising.
AEM Ritm-Kaskad and Dices record sleeve
Print, Packaging, Editing
Year: 2015; Media: 7” record sleeves. Cover artwork is based on the pattern excersice from Arim Hoffmann's book "Graphic Design Manual"
My contribution to 00:00 24:00 — MAAD × Studio Noi
Year: 2016
Year: 2015; A website proposal for the music service Soundstamps